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Company History

From our headquarters in Wilson, NC, Etheridge Roofing is installing quality roofing on commerical properties in states east of the Mississippi River.

For nearly 35 years, Etheridge Roofing has combined the very best materials with fine workmanship to produce quality roofs and satisfied customers. That is our commitment and we stand behind it.

Etheridge Roofing is a growing company. We continue to earn awards such as Master Contractor from Duro-Last Roofing Inc each year. With our continued recognition and customer satisfaction, the company has been able to expand its operations.

Our coverage area spans across the east coast of the United States, but our corporate headquarters is in Wilson, North Carolina.  

Authorized Installers
We are authorized to install many different roofing systems including the following:
  • Duro-Last Roofing, INC.
  • Exceptional Metals
  • Carlisle SynTec
  • Johns Mansville
  • Verisco Roofing
  • IB Roofing Systems

Custom Prefabricated Single-Ply Roofing System

The Duro-Last membrane is strong and durable. Its thermoplastic formulation provides exceptional flexibility, reflectivity, has resistance to U.V. radiation and is flame retardant. This roofing system performance is a balance between film formulation, membrane thickness and reinforcement. Duro-Last also adds a no “filler” material to increase the membrane thickness. This roofing system is easy to install and has low maintenance. Hot air welding bonds are used on all Duro-Last field seams. There are no chemicals, torches or other unsafe seaming methods. The Duro-Last membrane is also non-curing and alterations can be easily heat-welded to the membrane throughout the life of the system. The membrane can easily be installed over most new or existing substrates, is watertight, and practically maintenance-free.

For more information about Duro-Last, visit their website:

A Division of Duro-Last

Exceptional Metals is a division of Duro-Last that manufactures high-quality metal products designed for use with any single-ply roof. Duro-Last’s standing seam roofing options are produced by Exceptional Metals. There are 5 different profiles with more than 30 different metal colors and finishes and will enhance the appearance of any sloped roof design. Other Exceptional Metals products include: roof accessories, metal edge details, drainage systems, scuppers, collector boxes, pitch pans, and many other custom fabricated products. All roofing installations that include single-ply products from Duro-Last and components from Exceptional Metals are protected by a comprehensive edge-to-edge warranty.

For more information about Exceptional Metals, visit their website:

The Leader in Single-Ply Roofing Solutions

Carlisle SynTec offers many different Single-Ply roofing system solutions from EPDM, and TPO, to FleeceBack and PVC. Carlisle SynTec offers the most high-performance, energy-efficient, sustainable and innovative line of EPDM membranes and accessories on the market. Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) is one of the fastest-growing segments of the commercial roofing industry and Carlisle is the leading supplier of this type of roofing. FleeceBACK roofing is the ideal choice for buildings that require superior rooftop protection and long-term durability. This system exhibits superior puncture resistance and feature up to 75% fewer seams than the modified bitumen roofing systems. The Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) roofing is a trusted membrane that has been providing decades of waterproofing protection. Its popularity stems from its dependable, heat-welded seams, high reflectivity, physical attributes and resistance to water, chemicals, grease, fire and punctures.

For more information about Carlisle SynTec, visit their website:

– IB Roofing Systems
– Mule Hide
– CertainTeed
– Berridge
– Exceptional Metals
– Versico

Leadership Team
Our leadership team consistently provides each and every customer with the attention they deserve.

Allen Scott

General Manager/Director

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